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 Anonymous principles

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PostSubject: Anonymous principles   Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:42 pm

Principle: It's not about you.

Principle: Motive is everything.

Principle: A mask makes you anonymous, but it does not make you Anonymous.

Principle Never ask an Anon who they are.

Principle: Never ask an Anon what their skill set is.

Principle: Anonymous stands for ethical hacking, and against unethical hacking.

Principle: Never accuse an Anon without sufficient evidence.

Principle: Lead by example, not by authority.

Principle; Follow by consensus, not by reputation.

Principle: Anonymity is a responsibility first, a freedom second.

Principle: Freedom of speech is a responsibility first, a right second.

Principle: Anonymous stands for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Principle: Anonymous stands for the preservation of all races and cultures.

Principle: Anonymous stands for the truth, even if it means defending a villain.

Principle: Anonymous stands against censorship.

Principle: Anonymous stands against lies.

Principle: Anonymous stands against genocide.

Principle: Anonymous stands against corruption.

Principle: Anonymous stands against any political or religious doctrine that explicitly endorses the violation of human rights as defined in the UDHR.

Principle: Anonymous stands against Political Correctness.

Principle: Anonymous stands against Bullying.

Principle: Anonymous is not a pedestal to promote your own agenda.

Principle: Anonymous bends the rules for no-one.
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Anonymous principles
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