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 Who is to blame?

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PostSubject: Who is to blame?   Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:33 pm

The more you cling to the false peace, the more you are a part of the problem. Real problems are coming to the surface. You all claim to have the truth, but most of what you have is toxic lies. You really don't have the slightest clue about real problems and solutions. You jump from one bandwagon to the other, just to 'feel good' about yourself. The truth about history and the real problems of the present are coming out. Don't try to stop it. Know the truth. Let go of the strong delusion of false peace. If you truly respect the truth and truly want to make this world a better place, you will stop scapegoating the white race for your own problems and start owning them while protecting the white race as it has protected and helped you at great cost to itself. You have been lied to about everything in order to make you bite the hand that uplifted you. By attacking it and continuing this parasitism and racist role reversal upon the white race, you are nothing but a puppet of your own demise. They have carried you as far as they can. They have given you every chance to make yourselves right. You have wasted every chance you were given. And now, you have one last chance to choose the right side in an unavoidable war to end all wars, all genocides and all parasitism. This war cannot be stopped. It will happen soon one way or another, but the damage done can be reduced significantly, if only you step up and defend something greater than you.

The false peace will end. The genocide will end. The racist lies that target the white race from all angles will end. True unity will only come from being honest, respecting each other's space and preserving heritage. That burden does not fall upon the white race as it defends itself against your parasitism upon it. The burden falls upon you. It is time for YOU to step up, own your heritage and reclaim a place in the tree of life. If you do not and you continue this genocidal parasitism, you will be deemed a threat to the tree itself and treated as a foreign parasite. You will not only have your fellow man to contend with. The ecosystem itself will purge you with plagues as it does with all parasites. And it won't stop there.

Get over yourselves because you have nothing to be proud of. The white race is not trying to destroy you. It is you who is destroying it. Know true history and realise that they gave you everything you ever had, and continue to carry you with their second last breath while you spit in their face with a disgraceful attitude of entitlement. Should you continue this path, their last breath will be a final attempt to defend themselves. World War II will be nothing in comparison. Is this what you want? To be parasites to the very end? Imagine a world where people rise up to their personal responsibilities and realise the truth, where they stop being hypocrites and live by the values they claim, a world where they defend the very race that sustained them all this time. Then, and only then, will you see world peace.

I speak not as a White man, a Black man, an Asian man, an interracial cross breed or even as a human. I speak as a voice for life itself. My concerns are far greater than any race, a species, or even a single tree in the forest of life. My concerns are to preserve all life on its interactive journey of self reflection we call, 'evolution'. Prove to me that you are a part of that.

Ptolemaic Cleopatra VII was White

The hieroglyphs have been vandalised and painted over by Semites (Arabs and Jews) to falsely portray themselves as the creator. Paint does not retain vivid colour for thousands of years. You can see the difference here, left vs right.

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Who is to blame?
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