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 Political correctness

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PostSubject: Political correctness   Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:12 pm

Political language is designed to appeal to everyone without offending anyone. It is also designed to be vague in context, so that when a politician is caught, they can endlessly shift the goal post and claim they were misunderstood. There is a very deliberate methodology behind political language, and words often mean the polar opposite of their generic context. With this in mind, the context of the term 'political correctness' is to cover up the truth and be factually incorrect about controversial truths that are highly volatile. Through the toxic, genocidal, Trojan Horse doctrine of Egalitarianism, we are taught that everyone is 'equal'. The doctrine states that there are no differences, everyone is right, no-one is wrong, everything is of equal value, nothing has any meaning, and there is no such thing as human nature. Anyone who strays from the doctrine and measures up better than another, is labelled an insertname-ist and insertname-ophobic.

The Egalitarian doctrine exists for a purpose. That purpose is to set all mankind against each other. The weaker elements of mankind are encouraged to ignore their shortcomings and become parasites upon the strong, therefore weakening all remaining resistance to political and social control. The doctrine is highly focused around attacking the White race, the Male sex, independence, creativity, intelligence, resilience, and any bloodlines that carry the expression of these traits. It is an attack upon the last remaining defences of mankind from every angle, while exploiting all of its weaknesses.

Egalitarianism is not equality. The only place where equality has any meaning is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Outside the UDHR, it is inequality in the name of equality. Real equality is about having an equal chance to race on your own merits. Egalitarianism is about punishing the stronger competitor and giving the weaker competitor an unfair advantage for an equal chance at winning.

Racism is not about paying reparation for racial crimes that happened in a vandalised version of history. It is about the parasitic exploitation of the strong. The corrupted United Nations of today, defines racism as anything measured that deviates from 'equality', with exception to the White race and the male sex. The position of the United Nations is that only White people can commit racism, and are racist by default. And that only men can commit sexism, and are sexist by default. Therefore all whites and all men must be artificially held down below all others in the name of equality. Therefore, any deviation from Egalitarianism must always come at the cost of the White race and the male sex, and always comes at the gain of the weakest link. Those who are quick to cry victim of racism and sexism, are the greatest offenders of racism and sexism. The most common tactic of a real racist and/or sexist is to cry discrimination against their victim, for the crime they are in the very act of committing against their victim. Real racism is defined by an attack or exploitation upon a race or a member of a race, based simply on the fact that they are a member of that race. This is not the same as factual criticism. However non-factual criticism constitutes racism when it is based not on the perceived actions of a race, but out of an unreasonable hatred for a race itself, which always comes from an inferiority complex. Real sexism is defined by an attack or exploitation of the opposite sex, seeking special rights and privileges, and using their own sexuality as a weapon. Just like racism, sexism is a hatred of the opposite sex, which always comes from an inferiority complex. By muddying the waters, Egalitarianism provides a sanctuary for criminals to hide behind, and the means to censor their victims in a game of role play and role reversal.

Feminism is not about women's rights. It is about exploiting the weaknesses of women, setting them against men with an inferiority complex. By attacking the central relationship that drives evolution, the refinement of bloodlines, culture and identity is destroyed.

LGBT is not about sexual freedom. It is about the corruption and exploitation of sexuality in a battle to erode the standards of sexual culture that maintain the quality of evolution and the identity of gender. It is the spreader of disease, both biological and ideological, and corrupts sexuality in tandem with feminism.

Multiculturalism is not about diversity. It is about genociding all mankind and molding it into a single, docile slave caste. Its current focus is almost exclusively on the White race, which is almost extinct. Should the White race become extinct, all other bloodlines will quickly follow.

Mental health is not about health. It's about mind control and shutting people up. Mental health advocacy is not about the right of a patient to treatment, but the right for a psychopath to force brain damaging, disabling substances of torture and internal mutilation upon the weak and vulnerable, in the name of imaginary illnesses with no scientific test or biological marker. Mental 'health' also enables the perpetrators to escape consequence by dishonestly claiming temporary insanity.

These are some of the main appendages of a parasite that plagues mankind and imminently threatens its very existence. It seeks to divert mankind from accountability and responsibility, with a delusional inferiority complex based on a provocative vandalised version of history, and controlling the primal nature of the weak to disable all remaining defences that resist its control. The parasite attacks and exploits all races, sexes and creeds in very different proportions and many different ways from every angle. The blame is not the fault of all mankind, and the majority of blame can be placed upon specific sources. Only those who can see beyond the puppetry and lies, only those who can face the horrifying and humiliating truths, only they have the potential of being anything more than a puppet that fights for the very thing it believes it fights against.

Equality outside the UDHR is a toxic myth. It isn't important what one's capabilities are, and their relative stage of evolution in comparison to others. What's important is to respect the good in all creatures, and reject the bad. Egalitarianism prevents this, and causes toxic, silent atrophy to methodically poison and disable mankind. Competition has a place, and where competition is appropriate it should be competition with, not against.

All races are unequally capable of creating civilization. All races are unequally capable of maintaining civilization. All races are unequally capable of degenerating civilization. All races are unequally capable of destroying civilization.

All religions are not equal.

All races are not equal.

All sexes are not equal.

All minds are not equal.

All penises are not equal.

All individuals are not equal.

All creatures are not equal.

And it is a good thing!

As above, so below. Those who drag down others who are better than them, will also put down and dominate those below them, to sit atop the ashes. This is the disposition of a parasite.

Those who raise up the good in all creatures, will do so regardless of their relative potential. They will also reject the bad in all creatures regardless of their relative potential, and call it how it is. This is the disposition of an altruist.

One way is to raise things up as an altruist. The other way is to drag it all down as a parasite. What makes one superior is not their physical, intellectual, popularity or monetary capacity, but their disposition and where they stand on the scales of good and evil. The most politically incorrect of all truths is that those scales are very unevenly distributed across all creatures and all people. Egalitarianism serves as a safe haven for villains to censor their victims in the name of 'discrimination', avoid taking responsibility for themselves, and shield themselves from consequence. The only people who pull the 'equality' card, are inferior parasites who are trying to ride on the resources and reputation of those who are superior.

The toxic Egalitarian doctrine demands that we pretend all people are identical in ability, capacity and disposition for good or evil... except for white people, and sexually functional members of the male sex.

Should any group of people, whether they be political, religious, racial or otherwise, be acting predominantly good or evil, it is a moral obligation to point fingers in judgement and stereotype that group for what it is. Should members of such a group disagree with such a stereotype or claim to be an exception, the responsibility falls entirely upon them to set a clear and consistent personal example otherwise. If their argument is to lie, make excuses for their behavior and cry discrimination, they are doing nothing more than prove the stereotype.

Egalitarianism is not equality. It is a Trojan Horse tool for the inferior, morally corrupt and uncivilised, to parasitically exploit their superiors. Honest people will always, without exception, welcome and engage criticism, because it gives them a chance to prove their case to be true. Dishonest people will always, without exception, shut down criticism and counter attack with a barrage of lies and personal attacks, because it exposes them for what they are and they know they have no excuse.
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Political correctness
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