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 Love and hate

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PostSubject: Love and hate   Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:08 pm

Be careful not to abandon hate. It is neither good nor evil. We should hate evil things, not doing so means the erosion of standards, the cultivation of an environment where evil things can grow like weeds. Villains come in the false name of love and peace, to pacify resistance. If everything was so easy to easy to determine, there wouldn't be a problem in the first pace. The fog of war is the very environment villains need, to mask their true nature and intentions with deception, emulation and role reversal. We must not be passive, but active and courageous. To love and to hate, with passion guided by reason and not the perversion of primal nature. By engaging, true nature and intentions reveal themselves. It is revealed whether one speaks of false love or legitimate love. It is revealed whether one hates out of jealousy and spite, or out of upholding minimum standards and protecting victims. We must be direct and politically incorrect, because being politically correct, also known as political language, is to use deceptive, vague words of double meaning to say one thing and mean its opposite. True unity and teamwork can only happen after the fog of war is removed through battles that are settled at the table. It's OK to be right, OK to be wrong, so long as we reason and choose the pursuit of truth over the pursuit of beliefs. Friends who can disagree and debate heavily, are the most united of all. They quickly and inevitably agree on most things and gain immunity to deception, because their fragile ego's are put aside. In a world of so many divisive lies from cradle to grave, it's OK to be angry, so long as reason conquers. We can only find our way to the truth through the unified driving forces of both Love and Hate in their rightful place, just as we have two hands to maintain our balance. Being wrong is one step gained toward the truth. Being right is not a reward taken, but a gift given. There is only a future for those who engage at the table. The war at the table determines the sides for another war that is to come. Both of these wars are imminent and unavoidable. The big charade is crumbling under our very feet. We must forge and wield the sword of truth, to end the divisive false peace and bring about true peace.

There are two forms of evil (parasitism), corrupted passion (false hate) and apathy (false love). One attacks from the front, the other subverts from behind.

There are two forms of good (altruism), morality (true hate) and harmony (true love). One cuts the path from the front, the other defends from behind.

Life starts out as a benign parasite. It learns the values and principles of altruism through the path of symbiosis. When life becomes corrupted, it becomes a malign parasite with limited access to advanced tools.
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Love and hate
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