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 A story about faith

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PostSubject: A story about faith   Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:05 pm

There is a story of a child who once performed miracles. Over time, this grabbed the attention of religious leaders around the world. They organised a group meeting with this child, and were horrified that the child denounced not only their faith, but faith itself. They were greatly offended. Only one religious leader remained to speak to this ignorant child, an Evangelical preacher. This preacher loudly and proudly announced that his faith was stronger than this devil child. He tried to exorcise the demon from the child, to no avail. The child eventually offered a place of rest indoors, and offered a challenge, a test of faith. The preacher, realising that the child would not harm him, confidently accepted. They sat down at a table. The child said, 'It is said in your doctrine, that should you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains. And yet no such mountain has ever been moved.'. The preacher insisted that it has happened at times, but could offer no evidence. The child said, 'Since you only need faith as small as a mustard seed, let's start off small. How about we use faith to move this pen on the table?'. The preacher took him up on the offer. He struggled and struggled for hours, trying to invoke the powers of his God, to make the pen move with his faith, until he was so exhausted that he blew his pooper valve. The child asked if he could now try. The preacher, having nothing left, fell silent and watched. The child said, 'Faith, as small as a mustard seed.'. The child picked up the pen, and said again, 'Faith, as small as a mustard seed'. The preacher was furious, but had not the energy to complain. The child continued, 'It isn't about the size of faith, but the type of faith, is it not? The protagonist of your doctrine said so himself. You believe that faith is about believing in something. And yet, should you place all your faith in another, you have none within yourself. One who is faithful, is full of faith. One who is faithful, is faithful to the task. They will pick up a shovel and start digging. One of great faith will get it done faster. But even the smallest of faithfulness will eventually get it done. This faith, as you call it, is the one and only thing that angered the protagonist in your doctrine. And just as your protagonist said, I am not here to contradict the law (of faith), but to fulfill it.'. The child then walked away, never to be seen again.
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A story about faith
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