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 The number of the beast

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PostSubject: The number of the beast   Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:58 pm

The number of the beast.

'Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast'

It is said that the number of the beast is '666'. In some versions, it says '616'. Sometimes it's interpreted as 6 threescore 6. For a simple number, there sure is a lot of confusion surrounding it. And the very reference to the number makes a clear point that this is NOT a straight forward number but a deliberate mystery, a cryptic UNCALCULATED number that will be explained by a certain man at a certain time. If this number was a straight forward number as assumed, then there would not be a cryptic mystery to it, and it would not be stated as such. But since there is a cryptic mystery, I offer an explanation.

In all three interpretations above, the problem is with the middle number. That problem is a context problem that defines what the other numbers mean. In Greek, the number isn't '666', but three separate numbers of a puzzle. It doesn't say 'six hundred AND sixty six'. It doesn't even say 'six, six, six'. It says, '600, 60, 6'. The context and key to the mystery is that of tens, multiples of ten. When we refer to very high numbers we don't have a name for, we round them off and count how many zeroes are at the end. We use a system were every three zeroes is separated by a comma. One million is 1,000,000 instead of 1000000. This makes it easier to read by separating and counting tens in groups of three. Hundreds, Thousands, millions, billions, trillions. If you were referring 'to the power of tens' when you say 'six threescore' or 'threescore six', what you have is X,000,000. You have an unspecified number in the millions. You have 6 zeroes in the threescore system, which equals 'million'. That alone isn't a number. It needs to specify how many millions, which it does by saying 'six threescore six'. The number of the beast is six million, 6,000,000.

Where do we get the number of 6,000,000? The number of 'Jews' who died in the (so called) Holocaust. In Europe, We can question absolutely anything at all except for one thing, the holocaust story, a story with a long history of changes and admitted lies. We can deny anything at all, even burning our own flags and demanding an end to human rights, but if we deny or even question the holocaust story we can go to prison. This only happens in the very (White) countries where freedom of speech is the law, and yet this is the one and only exception.

The number of the beast is six million, the number of Zionism (six point star) and their big lie. The purpose of that lie is to justify false hatred against the White race while justifying the ongoing plunder and genocide of the White race in the false name of reparations.

The word Jew is not an ancient word, but a recent word from the 1800's. Therefore, any ancient text quoted to say the word 'Jew' (such as king of the Jews), is something that was rewritten two hundred years ago. The word Jew means to cheat, exploit, scam, lie, steal and impersonate. Those who call themselves Jews, have done this throughout recorded history. A proper name for them is Semite, which also includes Arabs and other populations that appeared about 13,000 years ago from cross breeding between the Black and White races. Throughout their existence, Semites have vandalised history and falsely portrayed themselves as the people they consume. The Jews impose themselves in the name of someone else. So who is that someone else? The word Jew imposes itself in the name of another people who are silently oppressed and of low birth, meaning that their heritage is being plundered and their land has been stolen. If you follow the words and how they've been swapped in, you find that those who call themselves a Jew today, are impostors who claim a divine promise to another people. These false Jews believe that the Earth is theirs for the taking, and hence they have no respect for borders and the space of others. The very religious texts they use to justify their false claim, tells a story of an oppressed people who will be scattered around the world, without a home to call their own. Think about that. The fake Jews were given a country of their own. They aren't being oppressed, they are the oppressors who run all the banks and institutions that do the very plundering. The 'chosen race' can't be the fake Jews. It can't be Blacks either, because their home in Africa is still theirs. The same can be said for Asia.

So who are the only people in the world who don't have a home of their own? It's the White race. Who are the only people whose every homeland is overrun by immigrants? Who are the only people that 'multiculturalism' is enforced upon, and against their will? Who are the people who have the lowest birthrate and almost halve in number each generation? Who is the racial minority statistically? Who are the people that everyone else is taught to hate, for historical crimes they never committed? The very foundation of the false narrative of history, is the number of the beast, the lie that the White race genocided six million fake Jews while fighting for its own survival against them. Once upon a time, the entire Middle East was the ancestral homelands of the White race. They have been systematically genocided and chased across the world by others who plunder them and vandalise history with the same role reversal tactic over, and over, and over again. If this version of history is new to you, I suggest you watch the videos below and learn about the real history of this world. You hear about the imaginary 6,000,000 Jews that died, but you don't hear about all the other genocides, such as the systematic genocide of up to 19,000,000 Germans, more than three times higher than the imaginary genocide. You hear about the exaggerated and outright fictional Slavery of Blacks, but you don’t hear about Black slavery of Whites, where the very word slave comes from the White Slavs of central Europe, where all original slaves were White and the only people to this day who ever fought AGAINST slavery were Whites, while everyone else demands the slavery and genocide of Whites as eternal reparation for crimes that never happened.

For there to be true world peace, we must first end the false peace. We must stop the lies, stop the political correctness, and face the truth in all things. Continuing the lies and genocide to cover up your ancestors shame and feel better about yourself, is WRONG. Victims have been portrayed as perpetrators. The perpetrators have been portrayed as their victims. The criimes of the past continue in the present, justified by a false narrative of history. The world you were taught is a toxic lie. There is an unavoidable war coming, a war to end all wars. At this point, most people accept that fact. Everything we said would happen, has happened. We were hated and accused for saying it, but it's the truth. This war will not be a war between races. It's a war to permanently free the victims from the parasites. The parasites may be very unevenly distributed among the races, but they exist in all races. The twin hydra of Zionism and Islam certainly has a Semite origin and focus, but these ideologies go beyond race. They represent the very abandonment OF heritage, to parasitically plunder the heritage of others. As Joseph Biden said, 'You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I am a Zionist'. The twin hydra is the enemy of mankind. It's a parasite that inserts ideological viruses during times of vulnerability. Some are more susceptible than others, both racially and individually. It is the root of most ideological cancers and wars, and atrophies the gene pool of its victims over time. But this war is beyond race. There is good and evil unevenly distributed in all races to a significant degree. It's up to you to stop the lies and start defending the White race as the White race has defended them and given them everything they ever had. There is only a future for those who stop attacking and start defending the White race and any other REAL victim, standing up for something more than themselves because it is the RIGHT thing to do. The White race is not trying to destroy you, it is the majority of YOU who are destroying it. Without the White race, you have no future. So prove to them that there IS good among you, before they run out of patience and start doing something about it. You would best ally yourselves with them, in defence not of your own but of each other. When White man and Black man have each others back and respect each others space, THAT is the beginning of the road to world peace. This is the only way to heal race relations. The White race and only the White race have gone above and beyond to do their part. It's time to step up and do your part FOR REAL. The fate of this world is not in their hands, but yours and the side you choose. This is how you regain your innocence and wash away the shame of your ancestors, not by covering it up and pretending a false version of history. Get off your high horses and stop the fake virtue signaling. The White race owes you nothing. No more lies, no more excuses, no more sharing social media memes with false information to shame and hate on the White race for things they never did. And most of all, no more censorship. If you don't like what someone says, refute them with facts and a proper argument. When you see a lie, step up and refute it for all to see. Don't try to shut it down, because you're wasting an opportunity o prove it wrong. The truth is not simply proclaimed, but revealed as the only thing that remains standing in the fire of debate. The truth burns through lies like straw thrown in a fire. Don't try to put the fire out, but embrace it. Let it purify and refine you.

Mankind is a field. Each race is a crop. There are flowers and weeds in all crops. Some of those crops are doing better than others. But we are not here for the weeds or the crops. We are here to find and protect the flowers that grew from among all crops. When you understand that, you will release that we are trying to help, protect and preserve you. The shallow bullshit needs to stop. Help us help you.

To mask the ongoing genocide, they portray the real minority as a majority. They are chased down everywhere they go with enforced 'multiculturalism' to breed out what's left. They are a minority in every country. The very word Aryan is banned. The replacement 'Caucasoid' has been modified to cover all interracial cross breeds.

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The number of the beast
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